Saturday, December 29, 2012

Test Your Funny Bone #9

It's time once again for my weekly feature when I test the humor of my readers. It is very simple. I provide the picture and you leave your funniest caption in the comment section below. Here is this week's picture.

Leave your caption in the comment section and I will post all the responses later in the week.


  1. "You come to me saying you do not have my juice box. You come here empty handed and ask me for more time. I must ask you, do you want me to release the chicken? DO YOU WANT ME TO RELEASE THE CHICKEN!?!"

  2. When dad said I was getting a little cocky, this ain't what I thought he meant...smartass...

  3. Victorian children aren't as wimpy as you think. Not only is this kid smoking with panache, he's posing with his opponent in the upcoming a champ!

  4. Hen peck me all you want; you ain't getting a puff!

  5. Henny Penny and Johnny Cool. It's a story you just wouldn't believe.

  6. Cut scene from "The Others":

    "They say this hen house is theirs! They say we don't belong."

    "What else are they saying?"


    Sorry. Couldn't help myself.


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