Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Test Results #6

A few days ago I submitted the following picture in a post and asked my readers for their funniest captions to go with it. Their captions follow the picture.

Rachel of When a Lion Sleeps - After the party game of "Catch the Octopus", the girls had to pose for a picture. Unfortunately, nobody told little Susie that squeezing the octopus too hard would cause it to squirt out vomit like ink all over her friends.

Kevin of Who Woulda Thought? - Wow! If you squeeze an octopus too hard it explodes like a tube of toothpaste! Who knew!

Addman of Muppets for Justice and Sinquiry - The town's annual Calamari Cake Bake ended in disaster. You could say it blew up in their faces.

Shane Morgan of In Shane's Brain - This group of Cereal Killers soon moved on to Cephalopods.

A Beer for the Shower - The repercussions of duck face.

Hestia - The new wave in anti aging!
These middle-aged ladies are showing their appreciation after an yogurt facial (with cereal exfoliant) followed by octopus suction.

Rusty of Swinging Like a Rusty Gate submitted several
  1. Proposed clown gang for gritty Batman and Joker reboot: Rejected
  2. You mean you squeeze your own pimples?
  3. Aquaman origin story
  4. I can't play this octopus, it's in the wrong key!


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    1. Sorry. I have been putting them up on Saturdays. I let them sit for a couple of days (usually Monday) before I post the responses.


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