Monday, March 25, 2013

Test Your Funny Bone #21

Last week I received more submissions for the weekly caption contest than I ever have before.

Here was last week's picture:

Here are the captions I received:

  • Where my bitches at?
  • It's on a leash for a reason mo' fo'
  • Bunny couldn't look him in the face; white sneakers were so 90s.

Addman of Muppets for Justice and Sinquiry
  • Yo, I asked for honeys, not bunnies! 

Shane Morgan of In Shane's Brain
  • Uh, lemme see. I ate Cottontail, that's one. Uhh, Lucky. That's two. And Patches makes three. 
  • 8 Mile Part 2- Kill B.Rabbit

A Beer for the Shower

Sandee of Comedy Plus
  • Whatcha looking at, bitch?

Winopants of Wino on a Ramble
  • He hadn't lied about his pet doberman, the dog was at home; "Fluffy" was just for dinner.

  • Is the guy saying 'Eat it? This is the bait'

  • So which is the chocolate candy filled with marshmallow fluff?
  • (Naturally) - "Brave knights, that's the most foul, cruel, and bad tempered rodent you ever set eyes on."

Valerie of Valerie Nunez and the Flying Platypi
  • Bunnies and honeys like a true playa!!

Melody of Refractions and Reflections
  •  Hiding eggs on the West Side of the yard since 1989, yo.

Rachael of Rachael's Insane Rants and Bizarre Musings
  • Dear Bunny god up in the sky, why did you pair me with this guy? 
  • Lets, see I had five little bunnies, two were caught by the cat....

Adjunct Prof of View from the Podium and New Fiction: White Man's Paradise
  • Li'l Loc had fallen quite far down the rabbit hole since his glory days of rollin' wif da Bloods.
  • Don' hate da playa; hate da bunny.
  • "Yo Homes-- I caint be makin' no dooty wif you flashin' yo gangsta-trash friends behind me, see whut I sayin'?"

Queen Holly the Magnificent of A Holly With Follies
  • You know it's been one hell of a party when you wake up stagger outside and find you are tethered to a rabbit. 

One week from today will be the first post for the A to Z Challenge. For this challenge, myself and over 1,400 other bloggers will be posting EVERY DAY (except Sunday) through the month of April using the letters of the alphabet as a jumping off point. Due to this schedule, I will be suspending the Test Your Funny Bone feature until May. Therefore, this will be the last one for a while. Let's make it count.

Here is the picture for the week.

I had to dig way back in my archives for this one. If you think the man on the sled looks like Adolf Hitler, you would be correct. It is Hitler out for a little sledding. Beyond that, it is up to you. Leave me your funniest caption to go with the picture. I will be posting the results for this one on Friday without a follow-up picture so as not to interfere with the A to Z Challenge.

Make us laugh!


  1. "Ach.....what's that smell? Do I smell a Jew?"
    "I sledge some and I sled some"

  2. The Fuhrer tests out out the latest in military technology ahead of the Polish invasion.

  3. "Of COURSE I'm ready to invade Russia in the winter. See? There's no way we can lose this war."

  4. There's some good ones for this one.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

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