Monday, March 11, 2013

Test Your Funny Bone #19: Modern Medicine

A few years ago, I was watching television and a pharmaceutical commercial was on. I don't remember the product or even what it was supposed to treat, but I do remember the disclaimer that came up on the bottom of the screen.

"It is unknown how this drug actually works."

There was no explanation for the statement. It just popped up on the screen for a couple of seconds and was gone. I'm guessing this is one of those drugs that was created accidentally. Viagra was not created with the purpose of what it is being used for today. Scientists were trying to create a new drug to combat hypertension. I don't know if they ever achieved their original goal, but somewhere along the line, they learned that their new wonder drug actually rerouted the blood flow. This happy, although unintentional, side effect became the new focus of the marketing campaign. Now, thanks to that lucky discovery, more men are getting lucky and our children are familiar with the term erectile dysfunction.

At least with Viagra, it is understood how it works. It may have happened on accident, but they understand the science behind it. With this drug I saw in the commercial, they don't know how it works. An unexpected side effect happened and I am sure they were excited and set to work right away to discover what caused it. I will give them the benefit of the doubt for that part. However, when they never found the cause, they decided to sell it anyway…and the FDA approved it for some reason.

I can't say that things have improved much over the years. For this week's Test Your Funny Bone, I have a picture of a product from almost a century ago.

Try our new improved daytime formula. Now with COCAINE.

It seems that today's illicit drugs used to be medicinal tonics. While today we take Nyquil to knock us out for a good night's sleep when we are sick, at one time marijuana, alcohol and chloroform were used to do the trick. I don't know what that would do for your cough, but I have absolutely no doubt that you would sleep through the night.

For this week's caption, I ask that you write a motto or slogan to go with this product. Leave your slogan in the comment section and I will post all responses next week*.

Have fun with it and make us laugh.

*I used to post responses on Friday, but I am moving them to Mondays. I will post the responses and new picture to caption on the same day (Monday).


  1. Guaranteed for a good nights sleep. Side effects may include vivid dreams, hallucinations, and days spent pretending to be an orange hummingbird.

  2. "One Night" helping your inner-rapist since 1875.

  3. Dreams guaranteed. Whether they're sweet is another story.

  4. Contains less than 1% alcohol, so you know it's good for you!

  5. I left a comment, but it never showed up. What's up with that? Let me see if I can remember my slogan.

    When the war on drugs just wasn't an issue.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  6. Side effects: The munchies. Inebriation. Waking up under random bridges or in seedy Chinese opium dens without any clothes and painted blue.

  7. One Night- In case 1 hour isn't enough to finish them off

    One Night- Endorsed by both Jack the Ripper and Florence Nightingale

  8. Whoa! The formula for Pamprin!
    This will keep your woman sane during "that time of the month". Guaranteed.

  9. One Night....One Knight

    Thanks for stopping at my blog. It's nice to meet you


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