Friday, April 27, 2018

Y - Yoga

I don't do yoga. My wife does yoga. She does all the yoga. The doggy style pose, the missionary position, the sexy lotus. I don't really know the names very well, but she did talk me into doing yoga with her once. It didn't go well. I got bored pretty quickly and the instructor kept expecting me to move (like, over and over again). Not really my thing.

However, I am very happy that she does yoga. She really seems to enjoy it, which makes her happy and I like her to be happy. Plus, she wears tiny outfits to do it and she isn't self-conscious knowing that I am watching. This makes me happy. It's good for all the people involved. I just don't want to actually participate.

Here's a list of other activities I do NOT partake in:
  • Aerobics
  • Zumba
  • Speed walking
  • Resistance training 
  • Tae-Bo
  • P90X
  • Spin classes 
  • Any sports
  • Free weights 
  • Failing to SuperSize it
  • Crossfit
  • Adult coloring books
  • Jogging
  • Anything requiring a FitBit 
  • Sweat to the Oldies 
  • Logging out of Twitter
  • Eat things not covered in cheese
Now, I don't want to give the impression that I avoid all physical activity. I do get physical when the need arises. Here are some examples:
  • Answering the door when the pizza arrives
  • Searching for the TV remote
  • Charging my phone
  • Active listening when my wife speaks
  • Covering food with cheese
  • Digging to the back of the fridge 
  • Numerous daily instances of exaggerated eye rolls
Now, that I live in China, I am surrounded by people doing Tai Chi. In fact, there are tons of people in the park and on street corners every morning doing Tai Chi.

I don't do Tai Chi either.


  1. Not Good, You will either do all this under your own will or under doctor orders. But by all means, continue to cover everything with cheese..

  2. When we adopted my daughters from China, I remember seeing a lot of people doing Tai Chi in the parks. It's something we've never done...just watched. Home-delivered pizza...definitely worth getting up for!


    1. Yeah. It's everywhere. This morning I saw a bunch of people in the park slow dancing with swords. It's a strange place.

  3. I will continue doing yoga until I die.
    I will still occasionally ask you to join me because I think it would help, but no worries if it's a spectator sport for you.

    1. Spectator works for me. I can mark it off my list of things I've done.

  4. I do a little bit of yoga, but not much. When Wii Fit came out, both hubby and I got into it a little then. LOL

    ~Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    My A to Z’s of Dining with IC
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

    1. It was just too slow for me. I get bored easily.

  5. I had a friend who used to swear that he knew there was a God because... "women and lycra"


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