Monday, April 9, 2018

H - Hibernation

Spring is finally starting to raise its sexy beautiful head. I am so happy to see it. Living in China, the government decided when you do or do not need heat and this year there was a cold snap a week after the March 15 date of cutting the Beijing heat supply. It was a long week of being bundled up and wearing two pairs of wool socks. Luckily, the temperature has gotten above freezing today. I think the worst of it is behind us.

I'm not just happy to see spring because I live in the midst of communism and am not allowed to make my own personal care decisions. I have always been this way. I despise cold weather. Hate it. In fact, I'm not sure there is a strong enough word in the English language to accurately describe the way I feel about being cold.

I have written about this (click here) on numerous occasions. I hate it and react to it the same way every winter. I hole up inside my apartment and basically refuse to come out unless I have to go to work or my wife tricks me with food.

Plus, now I have gotten older which seems to make the cold even more difficult to tolerate and I have developed rheumatoid arthritis throughout most of the joints in my body and the cold really makes them ache. It also takes much longer in the morning to get my joints to loosen up each morning when it is cold. Getting old sucks. But the cold sucks anyway. Old or not.


  1. Good luck with the cold...I try to envision being on the beach with the sun beating down on me...


  2. Haha. Come out into the cold for some yummy food!


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