Wednesday, April 4, 2018

D - Danang

I got started on the A to Z Challenge a little late this year and have had to play catch-up for the first few posts. This post will explain why my posts have been coming late. And if you know me, you know that I hate being late for anything. However, this time I think it was worth it.

I was in Vietnam!

The first day of the challenge (April 1st), I was on a plane returning from Danang, Vietnam. I was on planes and in airports all day and just didn't feel like writing when I finally made it home. I had to immediately go to work the next day and that put me another day behind. But this post gets me all caught up and for the rest of this challenge, I can just write one post a day.

A few months ago, I decided I wanted to see Vietnam. I already live in China, so round-trip tickets are only about $400. My wife and I started making the plans and then my wife's work schedule changed. However, since I married well and have an incredible woman, she encouraged me to go ahead and take the trip anyway. I took her up on her offer.
SIDE NOTE: For any of you poor saps who are thinking "It's a trap", I feel sorry for you for not being smart enough to marry a woman who doesn't play those stupid games.

My wife grew up traveling all over the world, so she saw this as an opportunity for me to be able to go see someplace that she hasn't already been. So, I hopped on a plane and had a great weekend.

I rented an apartment in the back of a clothing store that cost me $11 a night and spent my days running all over the city, eating local food, and walking the beach.

Boardwalk along My Khe Beach in Danang

Water buffalo in the rice patties outside Danang

Boat repair on the Han River in Danang

Hoian - Ancient City

My Khe Beach in Danang

Night market in Ancient City Hoian

Boats docked under the Dragon Bridge
on the Han River in Danang

Wandering cattle outside Hoian

Fruit vendors in Ancient Town Hoian

Buddha statue in the middle of Danang

It was a whirlwind trip, so I didn't get to see nearly as much stuff as I wanted to. However, since it is really easy to get there from here, I am sure that I will be going back again.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you went, and glad you had a good time. And glad you got home safely.

  2. Amazing place to visit and great photos.

  3. Looks like an incredible adventure!!

  4. What an amazing opportunity! Beautiful photos too!


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