Friday, April 20, 2018

R - Roam

I grew up a country boy. I lived between two small towns in southern Illinois. Waltonville had a population of 400 and Scheller had less than 50 people. Waltonville had a funeral home/hardware store and the Scheller post office was also the tavern. Neither of these statements are meant to be jokes. This is true.

I knew every person within miles of my home and every nook and cranny of the woods, paths, backyards, creeks, roads, and railroad tracks around. That whole area was our playground and we used it well.

Now, I live in Beijing, a city of 28 MILLION.

There are more people who live in my apartment building than lived in those two towns combined. I will never get to know everyone even if I do master Chinese.

One of the great things about living in a city this big is knowing that I will never get to see all of it. My wife and I love to explore and there is plenty to see. There are always new restaurants, tourist attractions, museums, foods, parks, etc. We'll never experience all of it even after wandering the streets for years.


  1. I grew up in rural southern West Virginia, so I can totally relate to that country boy locked inside you. I remember moving to Knoxville, Tennessee nearly 39 years ago and I felt intimidated because of its size but holy Moses 28M folks all in one place would definitely cause me to have a melt down of mega proportion. This would not work too well for someone who has personal space issues. I seize up when I'm in a crowded mall during the Christmas season, so it's safe to say you won't find me visiting Beijing. Good golly that's even bigger than NYC!! How on earth did you adapt from small town life to mega, mega metropolitan world? Forget the term city because 28M is more than some US states have I'd say, wouldn't you? I asked Google how many people live in Tennessee, and got the answer of 10M. So, it sounds like I was right after all. As long as y'all are happy living there then I say hooray for you! Have a good weekend!

    ~Curious as a Cathy
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    1. I've never really had personal space issues, but have a few overwhelming days that took me by surprise. A trip to IKEA was so crowded, I couldn't move and had a small panic attack. I had never experienced that before. And at certain times of day, the sidewalks get so crowded, I have trouble moving. It's crazy.

  2. Wow, you certainly found an adventure.


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