Tuesday, April 24, 2018

U - Uppity

My wife and I are both doing this challenge and for S she wrote about snobbery and the few things that she believes she is a bit snobbish about. Her top two were coffee and grammar.

A few days ago we were out walking and we tried to think about what I am snobbish (uppity) about. The first few she mentioned, I didn't agree with. Liking things a certain way (steaks) or a particular type of something (Harleys) just means you know what you like. I think you can even be picky without being snobbish. But she did mention one I couldn't argue away.


Whether in a TV show, a book or a movie, I demand a cohesive storyline. I have a tendency to pick plots apart. I've always done this. As a kid, I used to count how many times the boom mike dipped into view in a movie. (It happens over two dozen times in the 80's movie 9 to 5.) I cringe when a computer tech character makes a computer do something that computers can't do or uses nonsense lingo because the writers didn't take the time to look up the proper term. I find it difficult to believe in a character when he makes choices that may further the plot, but are inconsistent with his character.

I've always had this tendency, but it has grown much worse in the last couple of years. I have been working on a novel and have been reading tons of books on character and plot development, creating dialogue, world-building, and setting a scene. I read these books to help me hone my skills, but it has also helped me to see the faults in other writing much more clearly.

This doesn't mean that I think I am better than these other writers, but the inconsistencies and plotholes I see are often so glaring that I can't even enjoy the movie or book. I do feel pretty snobbish about it.

Now, I just need to learn to keep these thoughts to myself because I am not sure that they are appreciated.

Actually, I'm pretty sure they're not appreciated.


  1. And now I understand why you were so quiet the rest of the walk home - you were internally composing this post! LOL


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