Thursday, April 12, 2018

K - Kelso

I'm sitting here watching That 70's Show and enjoying the exploits of everyone's favorite idiot Micheal Kelso.

Kelso may have been the moron on that show, but one of his endearing qualities was his willingness to do just about anything someone dared him to do. Every time I watch this show, I am reminded of the guy we had in our group who had that same quality.

His name was John and was never one to turn down a challenge. Although, he was no idiot. He just enjoyed a good time and usually made us pass the hat around before doing whatever he was about to do.

John would be the one to walk out on the ice when the pond froze over to test it for the rest of us. He would climb to the top of a tree so we could cut it down while he was in it. He would eat the stuff we found in the back of the fridge that didn't look like it could be trusted. He would sit in a port-o-potty when we tipped it over so we could see what happened. John was great to have around. He was always good for entertainment.

Of course, anything would have worked. We were usually pretty drunk when we came up with this stuff.


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