Saturday, November 10, 2012

Test Your Funny Bone - Week 2

Click picture to read people's responses
We had some fun with this last week, so I thought we would try it again. Last week I posted this picture and asked people to write a caption to go with it. You can click the picture and scroll down to read what people came up with. I received several great responses.

This week, I have a new picture.

Let's see what you can come up with. In the comment section, leave a caption for this picture OR provide an explanation for what these people are doing. I will post everyone's responses on Wednesday.


  1. Try as they might, the Random Rainbow-ass Squad, couldn't quite capture the popularity garnered by the Blue Man Group.

  2. It was their goal to set the record for the largest tower of piggy-back rides, but they miscalculated just how much the smallest person involved could hold.

  3. That, my friends, is a Jersey Turnpike gone horribly wrong.

  4. Yes, there IS a point where a love of hand-puppets and Russian nesting dolls goes too far.

  5. Somewhere over the rainbow... are 5 random torsos and heads.

    1. I found the Non-Conformist through yeahwrite so I haven't met you, Red, but that, right there, is a keeper. And great idea for a post, NC!

  6. That's gotta be the strangest game of leapfrog I've ever seen.

  7. A group cries in the corner after their audition for "The Human Centipede" went horribly wrong.


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