Sunday, March 31, 2013

A to Z Challenge Starts Tomorrow

For the fourth year in a row, bloggers will be tackling the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Each day in the month of April, over 1,700 bloggers around the world will be writing a post tarting with a letter of the alphabet. We will be writing every day in April except for Sundays for a total of 26 days.

I just decided the last of my topics last night and I already have 9 of the posts written. It's a pretty rigorous schedule, so I tried to work ahead. Plus, each blogger is supposed to visit the blogs of all the other participants.  With 1,700 participants, I expect that I will spend a lot more time reading other blogs than writing for myself.

I hope they're good. 

I'm excited to discover some new writers I was not aware of before, but know there are plenty of people stinking up the blogosphere as well. Hopefully, not many of them signed up for this. Either way, I am reading them all.

Here is my plan for the month. Some are funny. Some are serious. Some required extensive research and others are stories from my memory.

April 1 - A is for Allergies
I have an unusual allergy and have a bit of trouble staying away from the irritant.
April 2 - B is for Bird
The story of one of our unusual childhood pets.
April 3 - C is for Computers
I am nowhere near as knowledgeable about computers as people seem to think I am.
April 4 - D is for Deoxyribonucleic Acid
There's some cool new technology out there. I explore what this could mean for us.
April 5 - E is for ESL
English as a Second Language - What my schooling is all about.
April 6 - F is for Fishing
Probably the most boring activity known to man. Some people even watch this non-activity on television.
April 8 - G is for Google
Is Google really useful? How do we know if its accurate?
April 9 - H is for Hornet
This is actually about one of my first cars.
April 10 - I is for Internet
I love the internet. I will go without food before I would give up my wireless connection.
April 11 - J is for Journalism
In high school, I was the only boy on the school newspaper. I learned a lot about women - not all good.
April 12 - K is for Kick the Bucket
What would you want your obituary to say? Or your headstone?
April 13 - L is for Lincoln
My time in college.
April 15 - M is for Master's Degree
It took me 14 years to complete my undergraduate studies, but I am trying to stay on top of this degree.
April 16 - N is for Needles
My time as a professional body piercer.
April 17 - O is for Oldest Child
I was born first in my family. That means I am the boss.
April 18 - P is for Picnic Table
The story of the worst injury I have ever experienced.
April 19 - Q is for Quilt
I love my grandmother.
April 20 - R is for Red
The woman, not the color.
April 22 - S is for Snoopy
The best dog anyone could ever have owned.
April 23 - T is for Temp Services
I have spent way too many years as a temp. 
April 24 - U is for Ultralux
Door to door vacuum cleaner sales.
April 25 - V is for Video Games
I have a mixed history with them.
April 26 - W is for Waltonville
The town I grew up in.
April 28 - X is for Xenoglossophobia
Sorry. Look it up.
April 29 - Y is for Yemen
I have the travel bug…bad!
April 30 - Z is for Zoo
This one is pretty racy. Family outings don't always go as planned.

Wish me luck.


  1. Wow! You have your whole month scheduled out. I look forward to reading these posts, or as many as I can.

    I almost signed up for the A-Z challenge but decided I have quite enough on my plate at the moment.

    1. My big fear was that it would come time to write a post and I wouldn't know what to write about, so I tried to at least come up with the topics. A few of them might change, but I think I have it locked down.

  2. Wait. You are reading ALL of the other blogs??! Is that even possible? I've just been skimming thru and finding the ones I want to read for the challenge, and lots I don't. Is that mean??

    1. I will be visiting each one to read the most recent post. I will mark for later the ones I may want to come back to after the challenge, but I plan to visit them all. I knocked out over 400 already.

      I don't think it's mean. There are certain topics that I have absolutely NO interest in and I can tell pretty quickly when it is one of those types of blogs. I'll still leave a comment, but I'll move on. I just don't want to miss any that I might have really enjoyed.

  3. Good luck! I can't wait to read what you've got there...those are some nifty titles! I only just changed my theme the other day and now I'm scrambling to get as many prewritten as I can!

    1. I just couldn't lock down on a theme, so my posts are all over the place. I think I have a theme already for next year, but I just couldn't decide on one fast enough this year.

  4. Looks like a good month Brett. Have fun with the writing and reading.

  5. 1,700! That makes my eyes hurt just thinking about it! Hopefully you'll make some good discoveries

    1. I certainly hope so. That's a lot of reading to come up with nothing.

      1758 as of right now.

  6. Nice lineup and this will help you with your posts very nicely. Brilliant.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. I figured I could write a post if I got in a pinch, but knew I had better at least have the topics picked out.

  7. I don't even have half of my posts chosen yet and I haven't even started on my first post. I really should have started sooner.

    Good luck. I can't wait to see your posts.

    1. I have about a third of them written at this point. I plan to stay on top of it so I don't get rushed.


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