Monday, January 14, 2013

Funny Bone Results #11

A few days ago, I posted the following picture and asked my readers to submit their funniest caption to go with it.

Here are the submissions I received.

Kevin of Who Woulda Thought? - I guess Honey Boo Boo is just filled with air not fat.

Shane of In Shane's Brain - After little Maggie called him a fat tatted unkept loser, Bubba tried to blow her brains out.

Lotta Joy of Witless Relocation Program -  What to do when your kid won't allow you to pull out that loose tooth.

Stephen Hayes of Chubby Chatterbox - Trailer park dental care at its finest.

Hestia - All your mother said was to make sure you were dried off before she got home. This is how Daddy does it. Your next.

Red of Doesn't Speak Klingon - Hmm...I think she's got a career ahead of her!

Gorilla Bananas of The Japing Ape -  This is what happens when you flush your head in the toilet.

Rusty of Swinging Like a Rusty Gate -  Now, windswept photos in 3... 2... 1...

Kyle Minor - Plumber Bob decided to cure his daughters constipation the only way he knew how... Pressurize the line.

Terry Schoenherr - No, it is the only way to take your vitamin!


  1. I really wanted to comment on this picture, but I just couldn't think of anything. I was too busy laughing to think of anything. Looks like the kid's sister was too busy laughing to stop whatever was even happening.

    1. They definitely seem to be having fun.

  2. Dang, I missed this one! Where do you find these? Anyway, I have something you may be interested in... Over on my blog, I mean. Wha-What were you thinking I was talking about? You know what, don't answer that.

    1. Anytime I see a picture I really like, I save it for later. Most of them never see the light of day again, but a few resurface.

      Headed over to your blog now.


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