Monday, January 28, 2013

Finding Your Funny Bone #13

It's that time once again to see how funny my readers are, but this time we will be doing something a little different. First, I am moving this feature to Mondays and the results will be put up on Fridays. This should give more people the opportunity to participate. Second, this one will not be a caption.

Take a look at this week's picture.

Col. Sanders & Alice Cooper

I found this picture of Col. Sanders (founder of KFC) hanging out with Alice Cooper (original shock-rocker). However, there was no information to go with the picture. I don't even know what year it was taken. I also cannot figure out what in the world these two would have to discuss with each other.

This is where you, the reader, come in. In the comment section, let me know what you think they are discussing. You can write a whole dialogue or just give us the topic. I will be posting the results on Friday.

Good luck and make me laugh!


  1. No, Alice. As much as I like saving money, biting the heads off bats and deep frying them will not pass off as chicken wings.

  2. A little known fact . . . Alice Cooper actually worked for the Colonel. The Colonel would provide chickens to Alice, and he would proceed to bite off all the heads prior to their battering and deep frying. It truly was a symbiotic relationship.

  3. "Now, Alice, I'm sure you're a nice person & all. But when I agreed to go on this blind date you have to understand I had different expectations when I heard the name "Alice".

  4. They are discussing the possible use of Alice's rabid fans to pull apart chickens, vs using well trained factory workers to do the same job. Alice could throw a chicken to the crowd, and it would come out near the back door in pieces.
    Eww. I just grossed myself out. I wish this wasn't based on real events.

  5. They are discussing whether original or extra crispy goes better with beer.

  6. "No, Alice; marihuana isn't one of the secret spices."

  7. You weren't quite what I was expecting when I heard the name Alice!

  8. "Well, Alice, Kentucky beer, would be a great addition to the menu, but being a family restaurant and the fact that a liquor license would cost a fortune, going to have to pass."

  9. Col: You know, Alice, you really sucked in "Wayne's World."

    Alice: Yup. (swigs beer)

  10. I would love to be able to caption this, but I've thought about it off and on for two days and can't come up with anything that doesn't have something to do with finger-lickin'-good - and it probably wouldn't be appropriate.

    1. Quite all right. There are new opportunities each week.

  11. 'he's smiling that creepy smile again isn't he? right behind me? can you distract him please? well, how should i know, pop the head off a baby doll and stick a snake in there. what? i don't KNOW, it just seems like the kind of thing he would like.'


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