Monday, September 19, 2011

2,087 Weeks Ago...

I turned 40 years old today.

40       Forty

Does it look more ominous as the number or spelled out? I haven't decided yet. What does this number mean? Does it mean anything? Forty is one of those ages that just seems old. At least, it used to. I don't feel forty, but then I guess I really don't know what forty is supposed to feel like. Logically, the way I feel right now is what forty feels like. It feels pretty much the same as it did yesterday. So, if you want to know, forty feels the same as thirty-nine.

To be honest, it really doesn't bother me that I am now forty. It is just a number. Technically, I am one day older today than I was yesterday. Yesterday, I was one day older than the day before. Every day, I get one day older. It is a much easier frame of time to consider. It is rather difficult to make plans for a year at a time, but I can usually tell you what I will be doing tomorrow. So, using this frame of reference, I am 14,610 days old. Plus, since I actually quit counting after about 7,500, I just don't get that excited about it anymore. Once I hit 30,000 days, I will probably be excited to see a new day start. I may even be surprised, but for now, it is just another day.


  1. How many seconds is that preteach?

  2. 1,262,304,000 seconds

    Didn't think I knew, did you?

  3. Yup, it's just another day and just another number. Although, I'm not THAT old yet.--Shane Morgan

  4. That was surprisingly short. I figured you would have much more to say on the subject. Not That forty is old, although I used to think 27 was old. I never really knew why It was 27, not 25 or 30. It is weird being an age that I thought I would be ancient. And now I realize I have a long way to go. I really figured you would discus the things you used to do without even thinking, but now all you think about what it would be like getting out of bed the next day. How we heard so many people telling us "Your going to regret doing that stuf when you are my age." And now that I am not allowed to do anything because I am stuck at home hopped up on steroids, trying to get over a pinched nerve because of arthritis in my back and my knee acking and throbbing when the wheather changes because of abuse and more arthritis because of that abuse. But, through all that I still don't regret any of it. and as soon as possible I will be back doing more stupid, abusive things to my back, knees, forearm (which is finaly starting to heal), ect. And all for the thrill of trying to feel young again. Even though at the begining of this I said I didn't feel old. I guess it's not so much trying not to feel old, but trying to truely live.
    Kyle (KA)


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