Saturday, November 6, 2010

Big Changes

WOW!!!  I haven't blogged in 15 days.  I really enjoy writing my blog, but I have been really busy the last two weeks.  I will get into more detail in future blogs, but I will tell briefly what I have been doing.  My daughter and I have moved to a new town 100 miles from our last one, I am starting a new job in a few weeks, and I have registered for school so I will be a 39 year old full-time college student starting Monday.   So, I legitimately have been really busy.  Plus, I just got Internet in my new apartment yesterday.

There has been plenty to take up our time, besides the usual moving nuisances.  We got most of our stuff unpacked the first night we were here, but still have some things in boxes since we haven't set up the apartment yet (i.e. put together the bookcase, don't own a dining room table, haven't located the coffee pot, etc.).  Kirsten enjoys her new school and has made several friends already.  We really like our new church and have met dozens of families around the community there.

So now we are learning all the new things we need to know here.  Since Moweaqua is a small town of 2,000, many of the things we need are outside of town.  Decatur is 30 miles north, Springfield is 40 miles west, Shelbyville (much smaller, but has a Wal-Mart) is 25 miles southeast.  These are not vast distances, but they are far enough away I need to plan ahead.  When I lived in Dix if I didn’t have something I needed it was no big deal.  I would be in Mt. Vernon the next day and could grab it.  Mt. Vernon was 8 miles away and I went there every day anyway.  That is not the case here.  I now have a minimum of 50 mile round trip.  Once again, the distance is not a bad thing.  I just need to plan ahead since we will no longer be making those impromptu trips to the store.

Unlike most people, I love moving into a new town and making new friends at my new church and working at my new job.  Yes, I left some old friends behind, but they are still my friends and now I will have some more.  There is one couple that lives here that I was friends with in college and I am excited to get to spend time with them again, but also look forward to the new relationships that will be formed.


  1. We miss you already!! Glad to hear all is going well up north and look forward to seeing you guys soon!

  2. Thank you. We should be around occasionally.


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